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Dustin Carpenter Bought a pawn shop 5 string bass. It played okay-ish, but there was room for improvement. Took it to Tom to have the action lowered, neck adjusted, intonation set, and one of the tone knobs fixed. He even took the time to polish the fret board with lemon oil and clean the guitar.

I'm thinking about changing the bass' name to Land-O-Lakes, because now it plays smooth as butter. Superb service, reasonable pricing. Would highly recommend. Tom is a man with decades of experience, and it shows.Tommy Tunes Guitar Repair and Maintenance — 

Dustin Carperter

Director of High Fives, Apple

I recently inherited a 70's Gibson Dove clone which had a head stock crack and was in desperate need of a Luthier's care. Tommy got me in fast, and got my guitar back to me incredibly quickly without breaking the bank. The work is superb, and he gave an old guitar new life again.

I've been a guitar player for over twenty years, and I've owned dozens of guitars. Tommy builds incredible acoustic guitars that rival The top end models from "The Big 3" (Taylor, Martin, Gibson). I was fortunate enough that Tommy let me noodle on a few of his custom built guitars, and they are comfortable to play and sound amazing.

Between Tommy and Duck, I know my guitars are well taken care of, and the workmanship and conversation are top notch!

Drew Cotton

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Tommy repaired the bridge on my Blueridge guitar or should I say replaced it with a custom one! Very nice work and very reasonably priced. When you meet him you'll feel confident that your instrument is in caring hands. Thanks Tommy for all you do!!

Donovan Robinson

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor